Medical Directions' Consultation Services

We offer virtual consulting services – we’ll ‘zoom’ into your practice at a time that suits you! AVA, our Accreditation Virtual Assistance will assist you with all your accreditation needs.

We also have a practice manager mentoring service where you can purchase blocks of time to get access to experienced practice managers who can assist you with the day-to-day running of your practice. You’ll be able to pick our brains anytime you need to! Request a quote.

Practice Manager Mentoring

▶ Business/Practice Management
▶ Administration Processes
▶ Review of Practice Systems
▶ Policy and Procedure Manuals
▶ Practice Incentive Payments
▶ Health Assessments and Care Plans
▶ Key Performance Indicators
▶ Practice Revenue
▶ Complaint Management
▶ Quality Improvement Measures
▶ Risk Management
▶ Prepaid block-time support

Accreditation and Re-accreditation

Accreditation or re-accreditation is an excellent process to gauge how your practice is operating. We, here at Medical Directions live and breathe accreditation. We love it! So let us take the pressure off you so you can focus on running your practice. We can help eliminate the stress by managing all your accreditation needs and make accreditation an enjoyable and rewarding experience while involving you every step of the way and update you on our progress.

AVA – Accreditation Virtual Assistance

AVA is the newest addition to our services – AVA works with practices remotely via video conferencing. Instead of onsite practice visits, AVA will review your practice remotely via video walkthrough conferencing, and digital technology. Through AVA we can provide the full suite of services without any onsite practice visits. To find out more, visit AVA’s page.


  • Enhances team building
  • Implements positive change
  • Identifies areas for improvement
  • Identifies areas where you are excelling
  • Puts the correct systems in place
  • Gets your whole practice team working on the same page
  • Assists with business planning by setting achievable goals
  • Adheres to best practice
  • Reduces the risk of litigation
  • Prepares your practice for unexpected events from natural disasters to server/computer problems


  • Practice manager training
  • Reception staff training
  • Treatment room processes
  • Training and orientation for new GPs in your practice
    Note: this training and orientation are based on non-clinical information which is a must for all new general practitioners

Workshops (subject to travel restrictions):

  • How to set-up a Private Practice
  • How to write a Business Plan
  • How to write an Emergency Response Plan
  • How to create Key Performance Indicators for your practice
  • What’s new in the 5th Standards

Help Desk:

Medical Directions offers real-time help desk support. With your approval and using TeamViewer, we can assist in setting up templates in your clinical software. We also offer support via email, telephone, and video conference.

Our practice in Maroochydore was in dire straits three years ago – we were about due for accreditation and discovered we were not up to scratch! I heard about the knowNOW! program and reached out for HELP!!! No words can explain the gratitude we owe to this one-stop program! We entered every single thing for our practice and accreditation and still do to this day! We are due again but totally confident we will pass with flying colours – thanks to knowNOW! and the amazing people at Medical Directions who help every step of the way – Lindy M