Risk Management

Criterion GP5.2 Practice Equipment &
Indicator GP5.2E – Our practice has a defibrillator

When I assist medical practices with accreditation, one of the many areas we discuss is risk management. Some practices find it difficult to determine risks in the practice. However, once we sit down and discuss different areas of the practice – business risks, financial risks, clinical risks or general risks – we can usually come up with a page long list!

A defibrillator is currently not a flagged indicator though it is recommended that a risk assessment is performed if the practice does not have a defib. If your practice does not have a defib here are some tips for your risk assessment.

Identify the Risk: The practice does not have a defibrillator. Potential risk of patient or team member experiencing cardiac arrest.

Analysis of Risk: Consider the likelihood of the event happening. Is there any history of the event happening in the past? Consider the demographics of your patient base – are your patients elderly? How many patients have cardiovascular disease?

Evaluation of the Risk: Determine the number of cardiac arrests, the likely time for the paramedics to arrive, the distance of the practice to the AED, do all GPs and staff have current CPR? What is the cost of a defib? Consider the battery life and the expiry of Adult and Child electrode PADS which can be expensive.

What is your risk matrix? Low, Medium, High, Extreme

What actions are required? You may need to update your practice team training with CPR and triage. You may need to ensure that staff are trained to recognise signs of cardiac arrest

By whom? Your practice manager might be responsible for this risk assessment in conjunction with the clinical team

By when? Determine a date you want to complete the risk assessment

Status: If the practice decides there is no need for a defibrillator you may suggest reviewing every six months or yearly.

Outcome: Ongoing, if you are to review periodically. Or a purchase may be deemed necessary.

Did you know that our intranet tool KnowNOW! has a built-in risk management register where you can record your risk assessments for easy follow up?I hope this helps!

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