JobKeeper Payments

Employers have been given an extension to due dates relating to the JobKeeper payments. If you need extra time, you now have until:
  • 8 May to make sure your eligible employees have been paid a minimum of $1,500 (before tax) for each JobKeeper fortnight in April; and
  • 31 May to enrol for April payments for your employees.

A common question being asked by employees is “Can I be asked to change duties or where I work?” – this may be the case if you own more than one practice and you need your staff to work at a different location for example. Any direction given to an employee needs to be reasonable taking into account all circumstances, including any caring responsibilities the employee may have. Employers need to make directions – in writing – at least three days before and consult with them about the direction. If the new duties attract a higher base hourly rate of pay, the employee is entitled to be paid the higher rate.