Information about your practice …

Information about your practice is important to all patients. A good way to ensure your patients have up-to-date information about your practice – and to comply with Criterion C1.1 in the 5th Standards – is to have a printed patient information brochure and a website. Both the brochure and the website should be updated as changes occur e.g. when a GP leaves the practice, or a new GP starts. As per Criterion C1.1 – Information about your practice the minimum information that you must provide to your patients is:
  • our practice’s address and telephone numbers
  • our consulting hours and details of arrangements for care outside normal opening hours
  • our practice’s billing principles
  • a list of our practitioners
  • our practice’s communication policy, including when and how we receive and return telephone calls and electronic communications
  • our practice’s policy for managing patient health information (or its principles and how full details can be obtained from the practice)
  • how to provide feedback or make a complaint to the practice
  • details on the range of services we provide
Reference: Criterion C1.1 in the 5th Standards