Kath’s Video Series – Core Standard 2

Have you had a chance to watch Kath’s latest video – Core Standard 2 – just uploaded yesterday. In this video, Kath talks about the rights and needs of patients – all the Indicators related to each Criterion in this Standard are Mandatory – meaning your practice must comply with them.

One of the topics Kath talked about in this video, was ethical dilemmas – these can include:

  • Doctors treating staff members – if your GPs are happy to have staff members as patients, Kath strongly recommends that the staff member’s health record is marked as confidential so only the treating doctor can access it.
  • Accepting gifts from patients – your practice needs to have a policy about this – in Kath’s practices their policy is to only accept gifts on behalf of the practice and only to the value of $50.

All discussions regarding ethical dilemmas (including the decisions/outcomes) should be documented so that the surveyor can review these on the day of your accreditation visit. As Kath mentioned, in her practices they enter these into the ‘Ethical Dilemma Register’ on knowNOW! Kath was part of the team of designers who created the knowNOW! medical practice intranet tool: knowNOW!

If you haven’t seen it yet, why not explore all the features for free for 30 days?!