Kath’s Video Series – Core Standard 4

Kath has just uploaded her latest video – Core Standard 4 – RACGP 5th Edition Standards for General Practice. As the Criterion suggests, the focus is on health promotion and prevention taking into account patient population e.g. cultural background.

In Kath’s practices they have health information displayed on:

  • posters and brochures
  • a television in the waiting area
  • their websites
  • their social media platforms
  • their on-hold telephone message

Kath’s handy hint:
You can use the calendar on knowNOW! to keep up to date with health awareness days/weeks/months – these dates are pre-populated on knowNOW! when you sign up. An example is Movember which focuses on men’s health – men are dying on average six years earlier than women from largely preventable reasons so during the month of November your preventive activities could centre around men’s health.

If you haven’t seen knowNOW! yet, why not sign up for a free 30-day trial and see how easy it is to use. Practices who sign up also receive a demonstration with one of our support team who will show you the benefits of using knowNOW! for your accreditation processes.

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Reference: Core Standard 4 – Health Promotion and Preventive Activities