Immunisation Register

Did you catch Kath’s video yesterday – Core Standard 3 – Practice governance and management – as she mentioned there are six Criteria in Core Standard 3 so a lot to cover in order to comply with these Indicators!

To comply with Indicator C3.5➧B (under Criterion C3.5 –Work health and safety) you must:

  • record the natural immunity to vaccine-preventable diseases or immunisation status of practice team members if known (with their consent); and
  • offer staff members’ immunisations recommended in the Australian immunisation handbook, as appropriate to their duties.
And you could:
  • offer the practice team testing of their natural immunity to vaccine preventable disease or immunisation status.

A really useful register on knowNOW! is the Immunisation Register. Recording the immunisation status of staff is particularly important in the event of any outbreak of disease – during an outbreak, you may need to ask non-immunised team members not to come to work to reduce the likelihood of them contracting the disease. The Immunisation Register is a quick reference to see the immunisation status of your team members if/when required.